Blytic is a privately funded Boston area startup offering a novel new service for accessing/managing real-time time-series data as well as for analysis authoring and publishing.

First, Blytic acts as an real-time archive for time series data, providing users with “at-your-fingertips” access to quickly search and navigate the current library of over 20 thousand data series, as well as allowing users to upload and manage their own library of data series.

Then, after users have found one or more data series interesting, they may choose to create an analysis based on that series by mixing and matching other data series or data series derivatives as well as adding annotations and other embellishments in a dynamic chart visualization then adding their own textual description and title.

Finally, users can choose to publish their analysis so that others may read and discuss it.

Each published analysis (or Blytic … web + analytic = Blytic) may be re-published to any other web-page via the dynamic embedded or full-screen player, RSS feed, a multitude of static images or simply a perma-link to the analysis entry.

After signing up, all users receive their own analysis stream, RSS feed and Dashoards as well as the ability to upload their own data series.

Read what our user analysts are authoring right now.